Bookmark Tools

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Bookmark tools are great for finding, extracting, editing, and creating bookmarks

Acrobat -- Extract Lowest-Level Bookmarks


This script is similar to my Extract Chapters by Bookmarks script, only it extracts the pages that belong to the lowest-level bookmarks instead of the highest-level ones (the "chapters"). This is useful if you want to split your document into small, usable files based on your bookmarks structure.

Acrobat -- Export Bookmarks Structure (to PDF/TXT), including page numbers


This script will create an independent TXT or PDF file with the summary of the entire bookmarks structure, properly indented and formatted according to the original structure. It is also possible to add the page number to which each bookmark points to, creating a sort of Table Of Contents.

Acrobat -- Create Bookmarks from Titles


This tool tries to bring order to messy PDF files by identifying the title (or heading) on each page and creating a bookmark to match it. Many articles, manuals and books are created without a proper bookmarks structure, and sometimes even without a Table of Contents (TOC). This tool tries to fix that creating a bookmarks structure based on the most important title that appears on each page your file. If multiple pages contain the same title, only the first one will be considered, since it doesn't make sense to have identical bookmarks pointing to each page.

Acrobat -- Extract Chapters by Bookmarks


This script will extract all the chapters from a PDF file based on the bookmarks structure. The names of the created files are based on the names of the bookmarks.

Acrobat -- Link to a Specific Bookmark in a PDF


PDF files have various Open Parameter options: you can link to a PDF at a specific page, named destination, zoom level, etc. But what you can't do is link to a specific bookmark.

Batch Change Bookmarks Type (FREE)


This small tool will convert the bookmarks created by combining PDF files to "regular" bookmarks, like those created using Ctrl+B or using a script.

Batch Edit Zoom Level in Bookmarks


With this little yet powerful tool you can edit an entire folder of PDF files within seconds and set all of the zoom level settings in bookmarks actions to one of the following options: Inherit Zoom, Fit Page, Actual Size, Fit Width, Fit Visible.

Acrobat -- Search & Replace Text in Bookmarks


Using this new script you can search and replace the names of all the bookmarks in a single file, and if you have Acrobat Pro you can run this as an Action (or Batch Sequence) on multiple files.

Acrobat -- Create Bookmarks from File


This script can be used to generate the entire bookmarks structure of a PDF file from a text file, or even from an Excel sheet.

Acrobat -- Sort Bookmarks


Sort your Adobe Acrobat bookmarks by name, length, page number, or date.

Acrobat — Create a Table of Contents (TOC) in a PDF file from bookmarks


Convert your bookmarks in a PDF file into a Table of Contents (TOC)