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Acrobat -- Word Count (FREE)


Update: This tool is now FREE. You can download it from here. Just like the Word function, this script will tell you how many words there are in an entire PDF document, or on a specific page. For more information about this script, you can contact me directly, and if you find this tool useful and would like to donate, it's always appreciated!

Reader -- Word Count (FREE)


Using this free tool I've developed one can easily count the words in a PDF page, or in the entire file, using the free Adobe Reader.

Acrobat -- Localize (Translate) FormRouter Calendars


FormRouter offers a very nice add-on feature for Acrobat: A calendar widget. However, this widget only contains English texts, and sometimes there's a need to localize those texts to other languages. To do that I've developed this tool that allows you to edit the FR calendar widgets in your file and apply any texts you want to the day and month fields in them.