Batch Operation

PDF and Scripting Tools

Exponentially reduce the time needed to replace text, convert fields, find errors, highlight certain values and more

Acrobat -- Highlight All Instances of a Word or Phrase in a PDF


Ever needed to make the same comment again and again and again? Now you can do it with one click! This script will highlight (and add a comment to) all instances of a specific word, partial word or phrase. The color of the comment, author's name and type of search (case sensitivity, whole word match) can also be set. Very useful for editing and review scenarios.

Acrobat -- Mass Edit Fields Actions


Similar to my other tool to set the various properties of multiple fields in a file (Acrobat -- Mass Edit Fields Properties), this tool allows you to set a JavaScript action that is associated with a specific trigger with multiple fields in a single process.

Reader -- Create Form Fields in Adobe Reader


One of the most frustrating things in Adobe Reader is that you can't add form fields to your files with it. You can fill them in, if they exist, but not create them. You usually need to purchase some expensive application to do that, but not any more! Using this new tool I've developed one can create form fields even in the free Reader (XI version only!), simply by drawing them using built-in the Square commenting tool and then converting them to real, fillable fields.

Batch Combine All PDF Files In Folders


This tool is similar to my Acrobat -- Batch Combine All PDF Files in a Folder script, only it's not a script, it's a more robust stand-alone tool that does the same task but is capable of processing more files quicker and more efficiently.

Acrobat/Reader - Disable Sign Pane and Signature Bar


Many people dislike the newly added "feature" in the latest versions of Acrobat and Reader that shows a green bar at the top of the document when the application thinks that is requires a signature (this seems to be based solely on the content of the document, when it contains the words "sign" or "signature").

Acrobat -- Copy Page Labels To Pages


This script allows you to easily copy the page labels of a PDF files to the actual pages themselves and use them as a sort of footer (or header) to number the pages. This page labels (the ones that appear in the Pages panel and navigation menu) are more flexible than the built-in option to number pages, and with this script you can easily set their location on the page, as well as font type, size, color, etc.

Acrobat -- Split and Sort Scanned Booklet Pages


If you've ever scanned in a booklet you know that splitting the double pages and re-organizing them in the correct order can be a tedious job... Well, not anymore! This new tool for Acrobat will split booklet pages into a single page format, and then sort them to the correct order.

Acrobat -- Combine 2 Folders of PDF Files


With this script the merging process of two folders of PDF files with identical file-names can be automated easily. Say you have one folder with PDF letters for clients and another folder with their bills (also in PDF format), all named the same way (using the clients' names, for example). Now you want to merge the letter for each client with their corresponding bill. How would you go about doing it? Well, with this tool it is very easy and very quick.

Acrobat -- Retroactively Copy Highlighted Text into Comments


One of the most important settings in Acrobat is "Copy selected text into Highlight, Cross-Out, and Underline comment pop ups" (to be found under Edit - Preferences - Commenting). Sadly, it's not checked by default (see screenshot below). As a result, if you make highlights to your file, the text you highlight is not copied into the comment itself, which can be very useful when creating summaries. And when you realize this and switch this setting on, it's too late. Acrobat won't change your existing comments, only your new ones.

Acrobat -- List All Email Addresses


If you want to create a summary of all the email addresses that appear in your file(s), you can use this script, for the low price of just $20! The script can be used on a single file, or on multiple files in an Action (batch process), if you have Acrobat Pro.

Acrobat -- Re-sort Duplex Pages


Using this script you can re-sort a file that contains Duplex pages to the correct order. Duplex pages order means pages which are in this order: 1,3,5,7,9,11,12,10,8,6,4,2 After running the script, the order would be the standard: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 This tool contains both a version to process a single file and a batch process (Action) that can be used in Acrobat Pro to process multiple files at the same time.

Acrobat -- Create Custom Links from Text


Let's say you have a PDF and you want to link all the instances of your name to your website, or all the times the words "Index" appear to the first page of the file, or even to a index.pdf file located elsewhere on your computer... Doing so would require going over them one by one, creating a link over each one, setting its properties, its action, etc. In short, a pain in the neck... This is why I created this new tool, which you can use to automatically add links of various types of your PDF files. The tool will read in an input file, for example a CSV file exported from Excel, with the search terms and the properties for each of those links, and will continue to create those links.

Batch Edit Links Zoom Level


With this small yet powerful tool you can edit an entire folder of PDF files within seconds and set all of the links with a Go To Page-action or Go To Remote Page-action to any zoom setting you wish.

Acrobat -- Populate Form Data from URL


PDF files have various Open Parameter options: you can link to a PDF at a specific page, named destination, zoom level, etc. You can even use a FDF file to populate form data, but this requires having such a file available on your server. It's easier to just do it directly from the URL, which is where this script comes into play.

Acrobat -- Batch Combine Even-Odd Pages


This script is similar to my original script for interleaving two PDF files, but it works as a batch process and can combine entire folders at the same time.

Acrobat -- Add Tooltip Text to Key Words or Phrases


Do you want the improve your PDF with tooltips (textual popups) that provide additional information for certain words when the reader hovers above them with the mouse? That can be easily achieved with this script.

Acrobat -- Batch Rename PDF Files Based on Content or Metadata


Batch rename pdf files based on their content and meta data.

Acrobat -- Batch Redact Social Security Numbers


Quickly and automatically redact any Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) from a pdf document. Black out, remove, redact, and cover up Social insurance numbers.

Acrobat -- Batch Redact Credit Card Numbers


Quickly redact all credit card numbers in a PDF document.

Acrobat -- Apply Page Rotations to Multiple Pages


Apply custom page rotations within a document.

Acrobat — Spell check suite


This suite of tools adds full spell-checking capabilities to Acrobat. You can now check and mark up regular text and bookmarks in addition to the standard check for form fields and comments which already exists in Acrobat.