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Compatibility Information: All tools are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and all versions of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 8 or higher (unless otherwise mentioned on the product page), including the latest Acrobat (Reader) DC and 2020.
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Reader -- Clear Form (FREE)


For some unknown reason, the "Clear Form" command is missing from Adobe (Acrobat) Reader, so I created this script to put it into the application. Simply download this free tool from this link, follow the instructions file and a new menu item will appear under the Edit menu, allowing you to reset all the fields in the current file to their default values with a single click!

Acrobat/Reader DC -- Remove Duplicate Comments


A bug in Acrobat and Reader DC can sometime cause a comment to be added twice, even when you only do so once. This tool will remove all of these "duplicate" comments from your file with a single click. Be aware, though, that this process is not reversible, so make sure to only save the file after making sure that only duplicate comments have been removed, or save it under a new name, just in case.

Acrobat/Reader -- Show or Hide All Layers (FREE)


Another free tool to make your work with PDF files easier, this time relating to working with Layers.This tool will add two buttons to the application which will cause all the layers in the file to become visible or hidden with a single click.

Batch Edit File Links in PDF Files


Using this tool you can edit all the "Open a file" actions in all of the links or buttons in an entire folder of PDF files so that they point to a new location. For example, imagine you moved your linked files from one server ("File_Server") to a new one ("New_Server").

Acrobat -- Scale PDF Pages


Using this new tool you can scale your PDF pages to a new size of your choice, while maintaining the original aspect ratio of the pages, as well as any objects located in them, such as form fields, links or annotations (including stamps).

Acrobat -- Rename Duplicate Fields to Unique Fields


When you use the built-in Duplicate Field command in Acrobat, or even when you just copy & paste a field in your PDF file, the result is a copy of the original, meaning that any changes made to any of the copies will also occur in all of the other ones. This can be useful, but sometimes you want each field to function on its own. Until now you had to manually rename your duplicated fields in order to achieve this, but this script will do that automatically for you.

Acrobat -- Extract Lowest-Level Bookmarks


This script is similar to my Extract Chapters by Bookmarks script, only it extracts the pages that belong to the lowest-level bookmarks instead of the highest-level ones (the "chapters"). This is useful if you want to split your document into small, usable files based on your bookmarks structure.

Acrobat / Reader -- Quick Save (FREE)


Want to save your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader with a single click, no dialogs or confirmations or anything like that? Now you can, using this FREE tool I've developed.

Acrobat -- Search & Replace Text in Comments


Similar to my Search & Replace Text in Bookmarks and Search & Replace Text in Form Fields scripts, you can use this new script to search and replace the text in all the comments in a single file, and if you have Acrobat Pro you can run this as an Action (AKA Batch Sequence) on multiple files, all for the low price of just $25!

Acrobat -- Export Bookmarks Structure (to PDF/TXT), including page numbers


This script will create an independent TXT or PDF file with the summary of the entire bookmarks structure, properly indented and formatted according to the original structure. It is also possible to add the page number to which each bookmark points to, creating a sort of Table Of Contents.

Acrobat/Reader -- Close All Files With or Without Saving (FREE)


With the move to the new user interface in Acrobat and Reader X, there's no option to quickly close all the open files without saving them, which is why I'm offering a small script that does just that, for FREE!

Acrobat/Reader -- Convert Underscores to Text Fields


This tool is a companion to my Convert Wingdings Characters to Check-Boxes or Radio-Buttons tool, only this one identifies sequences of two or more underscore ("_") character in a file (using any font) and places text fields on top of them, with 100% accuracy.

Batch Watermark PDF Files (Standalone Tool)


This tool is very similar to my script that batch watermarks PDF files, but it is much more powerful. First of all, it is a standalone tool, so you don't need Acrobat to use it, and it can process many more files, and much faster, than a script. In addition, this tool can be used to automatically secure the files with a password to limit the users' ability to edit them.

Acrobat/Reader - Advanced Proximity Search


This new tool is an improved version of the built-in Proximity Search feature in Acrobat and in Reader. It is easier to use and has more advanced features than the search feature in Acrobat, and produces nicer and easier to understand results.

Acrobat -- Combine files to PDF from a list


If you want to combine multiple PDF files to a single file but want something a bit more handy than Acrobat's cumbersome functionality to do so, this script is the thing for you. You simply run it with a single click, select the text (or CSV) file with the paths to the files, and within seconds you will have the combined PDF ready!

Acrobat -- Set Fields or Comments As Transparent (FREE)


Since the release of the latest version of Mac OS, High Sierra (and possibly some earlier versions as well), many people have reported problems setting the fill or border colors of the fields in their PDF forms as Transparent using Acrobat DC. It seems that a bug in the application (and/or the operating system) has caused the "Transparent" check-box to disappear from the color selection dialog.

Acrobat -- Apply Image Fields Toolkit


The script in this file is limited to rotating the field to only 0 or 180 degrees, and the "Image Scaling: When" section is disabled, but the rest works just like in the full version.

Acrobat/Reader -- Advanced Add Header/Footer Text


This new tool is an improved version of the built-in Add Header & Footer command that you can find in Acrobat. The reason it's improved is because it can be used in the free Adobe Reader, and also it contains some additional features, not available in the original version.

Acrobat -- Convert Percentage Fields to a Progress Bar


If you want to "spice up" your forms, you can use this tool to convert your percentage fields to a graphic element, a progress bar, that updates "live", just like any other field. You can select the bar's color, as well as whether or not to show the percentage value.

Acrobat -- Combine Even-Odd Pages


This script will take two existing PDF files and interleave (collate) their pages into a new file, so that the pages from the first document will become the odd pages (1,3,5,7...) and the pages from the second document will become the even pages (2,4,6,8...) of the new file.

Acrobat -- Insert One PDF File Into Another Multiple Times


There are many times when you want to insert one PDF file into another one multiple files. For example, you might want to insert a blank page after each page, for printing purposes, or a cover page after every 10 pages, or some similar scenario. With this script you can achieve that with ease.

Acrobat -- Duplicate Pages of a PDF file (including Form Fields)


Using this script you can duplicate a page in a PDF file one, or more, times, while preserving the form fields on it in tact. There's even an option to automatically rename the form fields so that they could have unique values. This is a fast and easy way of creating multiple copies of a one-page form, or to set up a file for n-Up printing.

Acrobat -- Highlight All Instances of a Word or Phrase in a PDF


Ever needed to make the same comment again and again and again? Now you can do it with one click! This script will highlight (and add a comment to) all instances of a specific word, partial word or phrase. The color of the comment, author's name and type of search (case sensitivity, whole word match) can also be set. Very useful for editing and review scenarios.

Acrobat -- Convert Comments To Redactions


One of the best features of Acrobat Pro is the Redaction tool. It provides the only safe way of removing information from a PDF file. However, this feature is unfortunately missing from Acrobat Standard.But did you know that it's technically possible to create AND apply redactions in Acrobat Standard? There's just no direct access to this hidden feature through the application's menus. Until now, that is!

Convert Portfolio PDF to Normal PDF


PDF Portfolios are a common way of distributing multiple PDF files, bundled under a single file, but sometimes it's easier to a have a single PDF file with all the pages in it, one after another. Some possible reasons to do that are to send the file to a viewer that doesn't support Portfolios, or to convert a Flash-based Portfolio file to a regular PDF, that doesn't require the now-defunct Flash technology.

Acrobat -- Create Bookmarks from Titles


This tool tries to bring order to messy PDF files by identifying the title (or heading) on each page and creating a bookmark to match it. Many articles, manuals and books are created without a proper bookmarks structure, and sometimes even without a Table of Contents (TOC). This tool tries to fix that creating a bookmarks structure based on the most important title that appears on each page your file. If multiple pages contain the same title, only the first one will be considered, since it doesn't make sense to have identical bookmarks pointing to each page.

Acrobat -- Scale PDF Pages (Non-Proportionally)


This new tool is a companion to my older Scale Pages tool, but whereas the old tool could scale pages in the same ratio as the original, this one allows you to scale your PDF pages non-proportionally, meaning they can have whatever ratio you'd like.

Acrobat/Reader -- Comments Review Tools


One of the the best ways to review comments in PDF Files is by using the Check-mark functionality (the little check-box that appears at the top right-hand corner of each comment in the Comments List panel):

Acrobat / Reader 2019 -- Quick File Send Button (FREE)


Many people are complaining about the new Share panel in Adobe Acrobat (and Acrobat Reader) 2019 and about how it "hijacks" the "Send File" command and turned what used to be a simple process into an ordeal... Well, now there's a solution! With this FREE tool I've developed you can restore the option to send your files from within Acrobat or Acrobat Reader 2019 with a single click!

Acrobat/Reader -- Convert Wingdings Characters to Check-Boxes or Radio-Buttons


When creating their forms in Word, many people like to use the Wingdings characters for their form fields, such as radio-buttons and check-boxes. They are easier to move around and control, compared to graphic elements, because they are simply textual symbols. The problem begins when you convert your file to PDF and want to convert them to PDF form fields. Acrobat does not always identify these symbols as form fields, and when it does, it doesn't always assign them the correct form type: Check-boxes can become text fields and radio-buttons can become check-boxes... Which means you then have to make a lot of manual adjustments to get them working correctly.

Adobe Reader -- Import/Export PDF Form Data


Some versions of Adobe Reader contain buttons labeled "Import Data" and "Export Data" for forms, but they are permanently grayed-out, unless the creator of the file applied a very special (and very expensive) right to it before distributing it. If you wish to still gain access to this functionality (even if your version doesn't have these "ghost" buttons), but not lose an arm and a leg in the process, the solution is now available!

Acrobat/Reader -- Anonymize Comments (FREE)


This script will change the names of all authors of comments to a single value. Handy for workflows in which multiple people comment on the same document, or if you just don't want others to know who commented on the file. You can choose to either simply remove the author's name from all comments in the file, or to replace them with a new value, such as "anonymous".

Convert JavaScript Links To Real Links


Using the tool you can convert links with a JavaScript action to launch a web-site (using the app.launchURL()-method) to "real" web-links that point to the same URL. This can be handy because JavaScript code in Acrobat can not create this type of links, only links with JS-code.

Acrobat / Reader -- Print Every X Page


This new tool allows you to easily print a subset of pages in a PDF file that you can't otherwise do, either in Adobe Acrobat or in Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. Let's say you want to print every third page in a 800-page file. Instead of manually entering the page numbers into the Print dialog of the application (and then discovering it will only accept 100 characters!), you can use this tool to easily and quickly generate the pages list that you want to print.

Acrobat / Reader -- Enlarge Comment Lines


Recently, the lines in the comments in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe (Acrobat) Reader became minuscule, making it very difficult to spot them on the page. With this tool you can make them all big again, with a single click.

Acrobat -- Move Pages From X To Y


Fed up of moving PDF pages around in Adobe Acrobat by clicking them, holding down, dragging up or down the Pages list, hoping you manage to get it to scroll and then praying you don't drop them in the wrong spot? Well, no more! Using this new tool I've developed you can easily and quickly move around one page, or a whole range of pages, from point X to point Y in your file.

Acrobat -- Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet


One of the biggest differences between using Adobe Acrobat on a Windows computer and on a Mac is that the virtual Adobe PDF printer is not available on the latter. This means that the option to print a multiple pages from a PDF file to a single sheet is not available to Mac users, which is a shame as it is very handy when you want to create a summary or a hand-out. This problem is now easily solved using my latest tool, which allows anyone to print as many pages as they want to a single page. And after printing you can save the generated file as a new PDF, so you don't have just a physical copy of it, but a digital one as well!

Acrobat/Reader -- Move Comment Popups To The Edge (FREE)


A user's request on the Adobe Forums prompted me to create this small utility that allows you to move all of the comment popups windows to the side of the page where they are located with a single click. This script can be used in both Acrobat and the free Reader.

Acrobat/Reader -- Unlock All Comments (FREE)


Some PDF files (like those generated by Acrobat when using the Compare Documents command) have locked comments that can't be edited or removed. You can use this simple (and FREE) script to unlock all of these comments with a single click, and then you'll be able to edit them, unless there's a security policy that prevents it.

Acrobat/Reader - Synchronized Scrolling Two (Or More) PDF Documents


Comparing PDF documents side by side is a common DTP task in Acrobat or Reader, but the problem is you can't scroll two documents at the same time, so keeping them aligned can be difficult and time consuming. That is the reason I've developed this new script which allows you to keep your documents in perfect alignment while you review them.

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