Hyperlink Tools

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Hyperlink tools help find, change, convert, create, or highlight hyperlinks within a document

Batch Edit File Links in PDF Files


Using this tool you can edit all the "Open a file" actions in all of the links or buttons in an entire folder of PDF files so that they point to a new location. For example, imagine you moved your linked files from one server ("File_Server") to a new one ("New_Server").

Convert JavaScript Links To Real Links


Using the tool you can convert links with a JavaScript action to launch a web-site (using the app.launchURL()-method) to "real" web-links that point to the same URL. This can be handy because JavaScript code in Acrobat can not create this type of links, only links with JS-code.

Batch Edit URL Links in PDF Files


This powerful little tool allows you to edit all the links in a PDF based on a simple search and replace command, and it can be used to process an entire folder (and all of its sub-folders) in a single go. The tool can edit not just URL links, but also links to files, and convert them to URL links.

Acrobat -- Edit Links Properties


Using this tool you can easily and quickly edit the various properties of the links in your PDF document. The tool allows you to select on which pages to edit the links, and in what way. The properties that can be edited are: Border Color, Border Width (which can also be used to set the links as having an invisible rectangle) and Highlight Mode.

Acrobat -- Create Skype Phone Links


Your PDF files probably already have links to open web-sites and send emails, but what about adding an even more advanced layer of interactivity for the user? This script will take any telephone numbers that appear in your file and convert them into clickable links that will launch the Skype application (if installed, of course), and automatically bring the telephone number up so the user can immediately call it.

Convert all links in a PDF to Open In New Window


This tool will easily and quickly convert all of the links in your PDF files, whether they are of the type "Open a weblink" or "Run a JavaScript" to open in a new window. No need to manually edit hundreds of links just so that your file will remain open when the user clicks a link in it. The tool can batch process entire folders within seconds!

Acrobat -- Create Custom Email Links


Acrobat has a built-in way to create links from email addresses, but the links are all the same and can't be customized in any way. Using this script you can create email links that change their color when you hover above them with the mouse (from black to blue), and can even be customized to create an email with a certain subject line, CC or BCC addresses, and even the email message body itself.