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Esa Ismail

I have been dealing with Gilad since 2012 and never look to thers since. That's almost a decade full of appreciation and 'wow'ness. He's genius, brilliant  and best of all never failed to solve whatever problems thrown at him. What limits his 'maestro'ness in Acrobat JavaScript is only when Adobe's Acrobat does not permit him to. If you think of something you thought impossible to be done in PDF don't stop at that yet until you go to Gilad. He'll sure make you think that he's a Tom Cruise version of 'PDF Mission Impossible'. Seriously. He deserve a lot more than the biggest 'thank you' that I can offer.


I was killing myself for over a month trying out how to accomplish something in Adobe Acrobat. I searched every blog and every javascript site out there. I even solicited a few "experts" who couldn't help me. I reached out to Gilad who told me "YES." He gave me a price and wrote the script which was ready for me with in an hour (for a more than reasonable price). I would not only recommend Gilad, but I will use him again and again!

Ryan D.

Gilad has gone far above and beyond any of the technical support and service I've received for software/development. He wrote a script that solved my solution in minutes. Gilad explained my options very clearly, and offered different suggestions for solutions. The consultation process was a great experience! The prices were very reasonable and the work was outstanding! The turnaround time was much faster than anticipated, and the communication could not have been better!

Ted Alkins

I'd also like to thank Gilad for his fast, personal responses and for his excellent customer service. I'll definitely be back next time I find myself struggling with Acrobat.

Bob H.

I've been working with Gilad for two years now and it has been a real pleasure. He has authored many scripts for me, from small requests to very complicated documents with conditional calculations. His service is unbelievably fast; turnaround time is usually measured in minutes. I really appreciate the time he takes to explain how things work and what's possible when I have a request.

The add on tools are lifesaver for mass editing fields. They have enabled me to accomplish tasks in seconds instead of hours. They are intuitive and easy to use.


Gilad is a wizard. He came up with a magic solution at lightening speed at an exceptional price.


I want to say that Gilad is the great professional. In my javascript case he solved my problem very fast and at high level.


This man is a Genius. I spent a lot of time searching different websites asking people for advice about putting a progress bar in a form. Gilad happened to see my enquiry and got in touch. I purchased his software tool and had many problems, not from the software but from my lack of knowledge. I sent 34 emails to Gilad asking how to do this and how to do that and what did he mean by so and so. I have to say that he never once let me down. He solved my problem in no time at all. I cannot praise him enough.

John Hurst

I highly recommend Gilad. He is capable of easily handling a complete large project from concept to installation. He also is very helpful for small projects where you just need help getting past a problem or recommending a solution. I have used Gilad on a large .pdf forms project that I was over my head. I was able to do he basics with the limited Java knowledge, but Gilad helped me through all of the complexities offering solutions I would never of thought of and quick responses to my never ending emails to him. He is VERY RESPONSIVE. He never took more than 24 hours to get back to me - even over weekends. Most of the time his response was within hours.

John Smith

I can't recommend Gilad enough! He has provided me with multiple custom scripts that have all been perfect for what I needed. The prices are extremely good and the service he provides is second to none! I tried (and failed) for months to create the right script for my documents and within a couple of days of talking with Gilad he has sorted all my problems. I will definitely be using his services again in future.


I needed to be able to place form fields on multiple pages in Adobe Acrobat DC, all with a different name in the properties field, placed in a specific location, multi-line, with a default word in section. Gilad did this script for me so quickly, walked me through how to install the script and run it! WOW just wow. So helpful. Will definitely request his help in future and tell everyone about him. I highly recommend his services. Eli

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