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Acrobat -- Rename Duplicate Fields to Unique Fields


When you use the built-in Duplicate Field command in Acrobat, or even when you just copy & paste a field in your PDF file, the result is a copy of the original, meaning that any changes made to any of the copies will also occur in all of the other ones. This can be useful, but sometimes you want each field to function on its own. Until now you had to manually rename your duplicated fields in order to achieve this, but this script will do that automatically for you.

Acrobat -- Convert Percentage Fields to a Progress Bar


If you want to "spice up" your forms, you can use this tool to convert your percentage fields to a graphic element, a progress bar, that updates "live", just like any other field. You can select the bar's color, as well as whether or not to show the percentage value.

Acrobat -- Print or Extract Pages from CSV Search Results


One of the nice new features in Acrobat X is the ability to save the results of searching a PDF file to a CSV file. But what to do with this file once you have it? This script will read such a CSV file (either in Acrobat X or in a later version), and will print only the pages which contain a match, or extract the pages where these results are located as a new file.

Acrobat/Reader -- Quickly Switch Between Highlighter Colors


One of the most annoying things when adding comments to PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader is having to switch colors of the Highlighter tool. It's a cumbersome process that can really slow you down when you want to quickly review and comment a file. The problem is there's no option to add an icon for the tool in different colors, it has to be done via the Properties Toolbar. Well, not any more!

Acrobat -- Export Values of a Combo-Box or List to a Text File


Export values from a combo box or list to a text file.