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PDF and Scripting Tools

Other random, one-off, or specialized tools for PDF, file, acrobat read, and acrobat pro

Acrobat/Reader - Advanced Proximity Search


This new tool is an improved version of the built-in Proximity Search feature in Acrobat and in Reader. It is easier to use and has more advanced features than the search feature in Acrobat, and produces nicer and easier to understand results.

Acrobat -- Create Copies with Unique Codes


Imagine you have a document and you want to add a unique code to each copy of this document. For example, you are creating a coupon for your clients and want to have 100 unique coupon codes, one in each copy of the template file. How would you go about creating such a thing? Well, using this new tool I've developed it couldn't be easier! This tool will duplicate your file, and add a unique and random code to each copy, based on your selections.

Acrobat/Reader -- Save and Load Sessions


Many applications offer the option to save your current workspace as a session and to restore it later. Let's say you're working on a project and have multiple documents open and you want to move to a different project, or just need to close the application. You save your workspace and later on you restore it and continue working from the spot you've left it off.

Acrobat -- Create "HotSpot" Highlights


If you want to draw attention to certain areas in your PDF file when the user hovers with the mouse above them, this is the ideal tool to achieve that. What this tool will do is add special cross highlights to the file that will show up in bright yellow when the user hovers with the mouse above the areas you define.

Acrobat -- Set Initial Layers To Current State


This script allows you to set the current view state of the layers in the file as the default state when the file is opened.

Acrobat/Reader -- Folder Locations (FREEBIE)


This is just a handy little tool that I am giving away for free. It can be used to display the different types of internal folders Acrobat uses for things such as javascripts, batch sequences, stamps, temporary files, etc.

Acrobat -- Quick Links to Frequently Used Files or Operations


If there are files that you need to open frequently in Acrobat, or operations that you need to run frequently (like opening the Batch Process window, or flattening a file), I can create for you custom-made menu items or toolbar icons that will do so with a single click! It's up to you to decide which icons to use and where to place the new menu items...

Acrobat -- "Adding Machine Tape"-style Calculator


This calculator can be used for accounting purposes and has a built-in "Machine Tape" style box which keeps track of all the calculations. The text in the "tape" box can be copied and pasted elsewhere, and the entire calculator can also be copied, as is, to any existing PDF.

Reader -- Run JavaScript Code from within Reader


Run custom code within adobe acrobat reader.