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Acrobat -- Batch Redact Social Security Numbers

Quickly and automatically redact any Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) from a pdf document. Black out, remove, redact, and cover up Social insurance numbers.

Note: I have also created a version of this tool for redacting Canadian Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), which can be purchased here, as well as a version that redacts British National Insurance Numbers (NI or NINO), which can be purchased here.
If your country uses a different format, contact me for a custom-made version. All the scripts cost the same, $30 only per license.

Social Security Numbers are sensitive information that should often be removed permanently from PDF files.
The only secure way of doing that is with the Redaction tool, which has an option for selecting SSN's. However, this option can't be used in a batch process, so if you want to apply this to multiple files you will need to do them one by one.

With this tool you can easily remove SSN's from multiple files with a single click, using a Batch Process (aka Action, in Acrobat X).
It offers a choice between just marking the suspected SSN's (to be reviewed manually and applied later) or marking AND deleting them at the same time.

As an extra bonus, it comes will a handy menu item to Search and Redact SSN's with a single click, not having to go through Acrobat's built-in menus, which can come in handy if you do it often.
You can use these menu items even in Acrobat Standard, where batch processing is not possible.

The script will redact the following patterns:

  • 999999999
  • 999 99 9999
  • 999-99-9999 (or with any other punctuation marks)

A PDF with several SSN's in it (the text was taken from the Wikipedia page about Social Security Numbers).

The script can be run in a "Mark and Ask" mode, in which the user is prompted whether or not to apply the redactions.

The highlighted SSN's created by the script (in the manual mode):

The result of running the batch process in "Mark and Redact" option: The SSN's are permanently removed.

How it works

  • Click to run the tool
  • In "ask" mode select which redactions to make
  • Redact SINs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the tool?

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Can I use my tool on multiple Devices?

Each license for the tool can be used on a single machine, as much as you'd like and for as long as you'd like.

Are there team licences?

Contact me to inquire about team licences. You can review our end user agreement here.

How can I purchase a tool?

We use Payloadz, a payment processing and download provider, to process payments and send you download links to the tools. Each tool has a unique link to pay for and download the tool.

I've been working with Gilad for almost 7 years on an evolving project that relies on lengthy complicated scripts. The turnaround times, pricing and accuracy are excellent. His depth of knowledge has been extremely helpful in helping define issues and offering options to accomplish the tasks. The add on scripts have been essential to maintaining and updating our existing documents as well. I highly recommend his services and products.
Bob H.
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We first started working with Gilad back in 2015. I found him online in looking through different forum sites and realized he is an expert in Adobe and creating java scripts. I started with a small project and quickly realized he was an asset to have as a resource! Gilad has completed over 50 different projects for me. Each project has been completed on-time and he has been extremely easy to communicate with and his coding has always been accurate! I highly recommend Gilad and his team!
Vince Nardo
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Gilad exceeded my expectations with nine different projects in which I sought his developer expertise.  He looks at your concept and suggests ways to make it more efficient.   Gilad sees additions or modifications you never considered and which ultimately prove invaluable.  If your concept has shortcomings, Gilad takes the time to explain them and then work with you to correct or replace them.  I wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse Gilad as an expert developer.
Richard S Demarest JD
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Auto-redact SINs

Quickly and automatically redact any Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) from a pdf document. Black out, remove, redact, and cover up Social insurance numbers.

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